Call monitoring service launched

Call monitoring service launched
22nd September 2018 stevedurkin

Enchanting Care has launched a mobile call monitoring system to help guide our staff through their care visits. The system enables us to monitor our care workers’ visits to service users’ homes. This is the next stage in our programme to improve and enhance our delivery of care.

The system gives each care worker a live rota on their mobile handsets, real-time task lists and service user data. It allows our staff to alert managers immediately to any issues or changes in circumstances that need to be addressed.  Managers are able to monitor care visits in real-time and ensure all tasks have been completed.

The system improves communication between our staff and our clients, as well as between our staff in the office and our staff carrying out care visits; we have a direct feed to the office that ensures all tasks have been completed safely and in a timely manner. The system allows us greater visibility of when our staff visits begin and end. Our carers have secure access to vital information about the service user and the tasks that are required; while all stages are monitored by our office.


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